Five day women’s art retreat.

Hello Moon Mothers,

I am writing to invite you to join me for a five day women’s art retreat with Pamela Underwood.  I’ve indulged in three of her past retreats and was always inspired, motivated and enlightened.  There is only one spot left so if you’re interested register soon.



November 4-9, 2022

This carefully designed experience was made for YOU combining the expressive arts with a heart-opening retreat that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

There’s something about the magical energy of this hill country venue that will inspire you and your imagination – its the perfect place to gather, accelerate our growth and change, and empower each other to find our best life!

Not only will you be taking your creativity to the next level ― even more importantyou’ll be taking every aspect of your life, your relationships, your connection to nature, your connection to your sensing body to the next level.


body writing 2017
Ella my final piece

Here’s the link for more information
Body Writing Retreat 

Below is a link to an interview Pamela did with me last week.

view interview

Let me know if you want to travel with Linda Brubaker and me from SFO.  Alaska Airlines seems to have the best fare. 

Wonder which lucky Moon Mothers will get the last spot. 

I am excited

Tamara Trejo

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