13 year anniversary

This full moon marks the 13th year of the Moon Mothers inception.  We have come full circle.

Our first full moon gathering was a Crone ceremony for Jan Gray in my backyard, October 2009. Currently, I am creating a new gathering space for our tribe in my backyard.  Over the years so many wonderful woman have joined our tribe.  We have held ceremony in so many magical places, shared belly laughs, created profound art and connected deeply to each other and the divine feminine.

Throughout the years, one person, Kellie Morlock, has always supported me in this adventure.  Kellie was at the first ceremony and has always showed up, for thirteen years. She enchants us with her beautiful voice, builds beautiful alters and supports us on so many levels. For this, I recognize her unwavering commitment and thank her.

Kellie Morlock
Kellie Morlock

Below is a slideshow of our 13 years.


We will not gather again until spring, when our new greenhouse gathering space is finished. ’til we meet again, I encourage you to keep honoring the fullness of the moon by way of ritual, art and self care.

Feel free to call or email me anytime.


Tamara Trejo

P.S. There is still one space left in Women’s Five Day art retreat. Hope you can join us. It’s going to be fabulous art experience. Link to Bodywriting Retreat for Women. Embracing Your Wild Sacred Self, Just As You Are.

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