First Full Moon of 2015 on 1-5-15

On this first full moon of the new year, we gathered to honor the infinite Goddess that resides within each of us and our pure potentiality. After opening ceremonies, we celebrated the woman who chose to be born in this darkest time of the year, Kellie Morlock. We offered her our love and blessings and […]

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December full moon ceremony Dedicated to Isis

On this December night, a clearing opened between the rains to present a glowing full moon as we gathered in honor of Isis–ancient Egyptian Goddess of reincarnation and resurrection. We circled as the moon crept up from the trees, called in the seven directions and our beloved (I am always struck by the feeling of […]

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Last Full Moon Ceremony 2013

We gathered under a clear sky dotted with fluffy clouds for the last full moon circle of 2013 to honor goddess Isis. In the center of the circle, Tamara had drawn the Celtic triskelion in yellow and pink chalk on the asphalt behind Coastside Photography. After the conch call and smudging each other with sage, […]

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